Research reports from Ifi/UiO

Ifi publishes a series of research reports; here is a list of the ones available on electronic form.
Tore Jahn Bastiansen
Parametric subtypes in ABEL; research report 207 (revised version), October 1995.
Vuokko-Helena Caseiro
An equational characterization of the poly-time functions on any constructor data structure; research report 226, December 1996.
Criticality conditions on equations to ensure poly-time functions; research report 225, November 1996.
Some general criteria on equations to guarantee poly-time functions; research report 224, November 1996.
Geir Dahl, Geir Storvik, and Alice Fadnes
Large-scale integer programs in image analysis; research report 262, May 1998.
Geir Dahl
Majorization, polyhedra and statistical testing problems; research report 240, February 1997.
Matrix majorization; research report 263, June 1998.
A note on nonnegative diagonally dominant matrices; research report 269, April 1999.
Notes on polyhedra associated with hop-constrained paths; research report 256, December 1997.
Stable set polytopes for a class of circulant graphs; research report 249, May 1997.
The 2-hop spanning tree problem; research report 250, September 1997.
Ole-Johan Dahl and Bjørn Kristoffersen
On introducing high order functions in ABEL; research report 210, December 1995.
Ole-Johan Dahl and Olaf Owe
On the use of subtypes in ABEL; research report 206 (revised version), October 1995.
Ilan Eini, Vera Goebel and Bjørn Skjellaug
A temporal data model for multimedia database systems; research report 252, May 1997.
Ellen Hisdal
Infinite-valued logic based on two-valued logic and probability; part 1.3: Reference experiments and label sets; research report 147, March 1996.
Infinite-valued logic based on two-valued logic and probability; part 1.4: The TEE model for grades of membership; research report 148, March 1996.
Logical structures for representation of knowledge and uncertainty; September 1997.
Dimitris Kugiumtzis and Nils Christophersen
State space reconstruction: method of delays vs singular spectrum approach; research report 236, February 1997.
Frode B Nilsen
GMSim: A generalized semi-Markov simulation environment; research report 258, April 1998.
Queuing systems: Modeling, analysis and simulation; research report 259, April 1998.
Bjørn Skjellaug and Arne-Jørgen Berre
Multi-dimensional time support for spatial data models; research report 253, May 1997.
Bjørn Skjellaug
A formal comparison of ADT-based dimensional query languages; research report 276, September 1999.
Temporal data: time and object databases; research report 245, April 1997.
Temporal data: time and relational databases; research report 246, April 1997.
Marco Temperini
Specialization inheritance and specialization bounded polymorphism; research report 226, December 1996.

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