Preprints from Ifi/UiO

Ifi issues a series of preprints of articles that are later to be published. The following preprints are available on electronic form.
Michael Böhlen, Christian S. Jensen, and Bjørn Skjellaug
Spatio-temporal database support for legacy applications; in Proceedings of the 1998 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, Atlanta, Georgia, February/March 1998.
Wen Chen
A note on fractional derivative modeling of broadband frequency-dependent absorption: Model III; Simula Research Laboratory; May 2002.
A frequency decomposition time domain model of broadband frequency-dependent absorption: Model II; Simula Research Laboratory; May 2002.
A direct time-domain FEM modeling of broadband frequency-dependent absorption with the presence of matrix fractional power: Model I; Simula Research Laboratory; May 2002.
A quasi-RBF technique for numerical discretization of PDE's; Simula Research Laboratory; May 2002.
Distance function wavelets -- Part I: Helmholtz and convection-diffusion transforms and series; Simula Research Laboratory; May 2002.
Geir Dahl and Bjørnar Realfsen
Curve approximation and constrained shortest path problems; preprint 6, August 1996.
Geir Dahl and Mechthild Stoer
A cutting plane algorithm for multicommodity survivable network design problems; Preprint 3, May 1995.
Geir Dahl
Polyhedra and optimization in connection with a weak majorization ordering; Preprint 10, December 1994.
Geir Dahl and François Margot
Weak k-majorization and polyhedra; Preprint 7, October 1995.
Bjørnar Elgetun and Sverre Holm
A method to optimize weighting of general planar arrays; Norwegian Signal Processing Conference (NORSIG 95), September 1995.
Annita Fjuk, Tone Irene Sandahl and Ole Smørdal
Towards incorporating computer applications in cooperative work arrangements; In Proceedings of The 18th Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia (IRIS'18), B Dahlbom, F Ljungberg, J Stage and C Sørensen (eds.), Gothenburg studies in informatics, report 7, pp. 159-69 .
Sverre Holm and G. Hossein Jamshidi
Approximation of Bessel beams with annular arrays; Proceedings IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, San Antonio, November 1996.
Sverre Holm
Medical ultrasound transducers and beamforming; 15th international congress on acoustics, June 1995.
Minimum sidelobe energy versus minimum peak sidelobe level for sparse array optimization; Proc. IEEE Nordic Signal Processing Symposium, Helsinki, Finland, September 1996, pp 227-230.
Real-time 3D Medical Ultrasound - Signal Processing Challenges; Norwegian Signal Processing Conference (NORSIG 97), May 1997.
Sverre Holm, Bjørnar Elgetun and Geir Dahl
Weight- and layout-optimized sparse arrays; Proceedings International Workshop on Sampling Theory and Applications, Aveiro, Portugal, pp. 97-102, June 1997.
Jon-Fredrik Hopperstad and Sverre Holm
The coarray of sparse arrays with minimum sidelobe level; accepted at NORSIG'98, June 1998.
Terje Kristensen and Dag Langmyhr
Two approaches to hyphenating Norwegian; accepted at NIK'98, November 1998.
Jens Kaasbøll
Abstraction and concretizing in information systems and problem domains: Implications for system descriptors and theoretical framework; accepted at IFIP 8.1 ISCO3, March 1995.
Knowledge from the inside and outside in participative development and research on participative development; accepted at 6th Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS'95), September 1995.
Lifetime dependency: An abstraction relation for modelling roles, symbolic substance, and relations with attributes; accepted at 6th Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS'95), September 1995.
Jens Kaasbøll and Ole Smørdal
Human work as context for development of object oriented modelling techniques; In S. Brinkkemper (ed.): IFIP WG 8.1/8.2 working conference on principles of method construction and tool support (Method Engineering' 96), Atlanta, USA; Chapman & Hall: pp. 111-25.
Dag Langmyhr
StarTeX -- a TeX for beginners; accepted at 17th International TeX User Group Conference (TUG'96), July-August 1996.
StarTeX -- a TeX for beginners; accepted at NIK'96, November 1996.
Ole Smørdal
Classifying object oriented analysis approaches with activity theory; in M. E. Orlowska and R. Zicari (eds.): 4th International Conference on Object-Oriented Information Systems (OOIS'97), Brisbane, Australia; Springer-Verlag.
Soft object analysis; -- a modelling approach for analysis of interdependent work practices. In Patel D and Sun Y (eds.): 3rd International Conference on Object-Oriented Information Systems (OOIS'96), London, UK; Springer-Verlag, pp. 195-208.
Luren Yang and Fritz Albregtsen
Fast and exact computation of moments using discreet Green's theorem; proceedings NOBIM, pp 82-90, 1994.
Luren Yang, Fritz Albregtsen, Tor Lønnestad and Per Grøttum
Methods to estimate areas and perimeters of blob-like objects: a comparison; proceedings IAPR workshop on Machine Vision Applications, pp 272-276, 1994.

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