Articles from Ifi/UiO

This is a list of articles published in national or international journals that are available on electronic form.
Svein Bøe and Kjell Kristoffersen
Predictive Analog to Digital Conversion of Doppler Ultrasound Signals; in IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, March 1995.
Kapila Epasinghe and Sverre Holm
Simulation of 3D acoustic fields on a concurrent computer; in Proceedings from the Nordic symposium on Physical Acoustics, February 1996.
Sverre Holm, Marte Myhrum and Lars Hoff
Modelling of the ultrasound return from Albunex microspheres; in Ultrasonics, vol 32, no 2, pp 123-130, 1994.
Sverre Holm and Bjørnar Elgetun
Optimization of the beampattern of 2D sparse arrays by weighting; in Proceedings IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium, November 1995.
Sverre Holm, Bjørnar Elgetun and Geir Dahl
Properties of the beampattern of weight- and layout-optimized sparse arrays; in IEEE Trans. Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control, vol. 44, no. 5, pp. 983-991, September 1997.
Dimitris Kugiumtzis, Bjørn Lillekjendli and Nils Christophersen
Chaotic time series -- Part I: Estimation of some invariant properties in state space; in Modeling, identification and control, vol 15, no 4, pp 205-224, 1994.
Dimitris Kugiumtzis and Bjørn Lillekjendli
Estimation models for kinematic calibration og manipulators with a parallel structure; in Journal of Robotics Research, vol 11, no 5, pp 399-410, 1994.
Dimitris Kugiumtzis
State space reconstruction parameters in the analysis of chaotic time series - the role of the time window length; Physica D, February 1996.
Bjørn Lillekjendli, Dimitris Kugiumtzis and Nils Christophersen
Chaotic time series -- Part II: System identification and prediction; in Modeling, identification and control, vol 15, no 4, pp 225-243, 1994.
Dag I. K. Sjøberg
Quantifying schema evolution; in Information and software technology, vol 35, no 1, pp 35-44, 1993.

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