Other documents from Ifi/UiO

This is a list of other documents available on electronic form.
Kjell Øystein Arisland
The good, the bad and the unusual in computer assisted learning A computer science teacher's experiences with the PC as a teaching tool by developing CAL for vocational training in industry for 6 years; presented at MultiComm-94, november 1994.
Wen Chen
Analytical solution of transient scalar wave and diffusion problems of arbitrary dimensionality and geometry by RBF wavelet series, October 2001
Direct linearization method for nonlinear PDEs and the related kernel RBFs, October 2001
Dag Diesen
Hypertext transfer protocol og world wide web; lecture, April 1995.
Jan O. Erstad and Sverre Holm
An approach to the design of sparse array systems; IEEE Ultrasonic Symposium, November 1994.
Annita Fjuk, Ole Smørdal, and Markku Nurminen
Taking articulation work seriously -- an activity theoretical approach; technical report 120, Turku Centre for Computer Science.
Sverre Holm
Digital beamforming in ultrasound imaging presented at NORSIG-94, June 1994.
Simulation of acoustic fields from medical ultrasound transducers of arbitrary shape; Nordic Symposium in Physical Acoustics, January 1995.
Lars Kristiansen
Første ordens teorier og grunnleggende rekursjonsteori; compendium 66; Spring 1996.
Første ordens teorier og grunnleggende rekursjonsteori; compendium 66; second edition, January 1998.
Jens Kaasbøll
Object-oriented models of functionally integrated computer systems; FIRE report 14, January 1994.
SA++ -- how to bring organizational aspects into teaching analysis and design; FIRE report 13, September 1994.
Dag I. K. Sjøberg
Analysing persistant language applications; presented at POS-6, September 1994.
Building an integrated persistant application; presented at DBPL-4, August 1993. Also in conference proceedings pp 359--375; Springer and British Computer Society, 1994.
Managing change in information systems: technological challenges; presented at IRIS-17, August 1994.
Managing change in persistant object systems; presented at ISOTAS-93, November 1993. Also in conference proceedings pp 315-338; Springer: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 742.
Software constraint models -- a means to improve maintainability and consistency; presented at NIK'94, november 1994. Also in conference proceedings pp 93-103; Tapir 1994.
Thesaurus-based software environments; presented at ICSE-16, May 1994.
Luren Yang, Fritz Albregtsen, and Torfinn Taxt
Fast computation of 3-D geometric moments using a discrete Gauss' theorem; in Computer Analysis of Image and Pattern, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 970, pp.649-654, 1995.
Luren Yang, Fritz Albregtsen, Tor Lønnestad, and Per Grøttum
A supervised approach to the evaluation of image segmentation methods; in Computer Analysis of Image and Pattern, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 970, pp.759-765, 1995.
Lars Ødegaard, Sverre Holm, Frode Teigen and Trond Kleveland
Acoustic field simulation for arbitrarily shaped transducers in a stratified medium; IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium, November 1994.

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